Drawing The Curtain

Drawing the Curtain: The Cold War in Cartoons

A new perspective on how the Cold War was fought through Soviet propaganda cartoons. Seventy-five Soviet cartoons from a largely unpublished private collection are juxtaposed with western examples (innovatively designed on interleaving inset pages) to show how each side responded to key events of the period. They reveal not just the obsessions and ferocious propaganda campaigns of the Cold War, but also some startling similarities in the way each side portrayed the other. The introduction is by Sergei Khrushchev, son of the former Soviet leader.

192pp, Swiss-bound, 305 x 245mm, 176 illustrations
ISBN: 978-1-906257-06-4
£27.50; $45.00
Distributed by Thames and Hudson (Europe)
and Antique Collectors Club (North America)

The book is a timely reminder that the world, then and now, is a dangerous place (Daily Mail)

This lavish and ingeniously designed book compellingly charts [the Cold War] battlefield by date
and theme, where ridicule was employed as an arm of mass psychological destruction (Morning

The real success of Drawing the Curtain is that, unlike the kitsch products of Soviet chic, it never allows these dazzling visuals to become detached from the historical and ideological circumstances that produced them (Irish Times)
Drawing The Curtain
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